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Waterloo Redevelopment Commission

The Redevelopment Commission possesses a vast array of powers to enable them to undertake the redevelopment of our town, to eliminate blight and revitalize our community. The seven (7) primary duties are listed in Indiana Code 36-7-14-11.

The Redevelopment Commission is constantly working to keep up with progress. It is responsible for moving our town forward with redevelopment keeping up with community needs. Our recent plans can be viewed below.


The Commission consists of five (5) members 3 of which are appointed by the council president and 2 who are appointed by the Town Council. Each serves a one-year term and may succeed him/herself. There is also a non-voting advisor from the DeKalb Central School board who is appointed by the council president.

Regular meetings are the fourth Wednesday of each month, at The Waterloo Historic Depot 485 W Van Vleek Street, at 5:00 p.m.

  • Sallie Pease, President
  • Sabinia Keen
  • Trina Caudill
  • Russell Goodman
  • Linda Higgins
  • Tony Baker, DeKalb Central Schools