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Snow and Frigid Weather Notices

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Please move your vehicles off the roads to allow for snow plows to clear streets.  It is illegal for anyone to park in a cul-de-sac, or within 15 feet in front of the cul-de-sac, when there are two or more inches of snow, and until the snow removal is completed. Violators may have their vehicles towed and be subject to a fine.


Customers of the Waterloo Water Department are reminded to protect your water meter and supply piping from freezing during frigid winter temperatures.

Avoid drafts on meters and pipes by repairing broken windows and keeping garage doors closed. Place space heaters and install insulating products, such as pipe insulation and heat tape, in unheated areas where freezing can occur. Run a trickle of water from faucets to prevent freezing pipes.  The Waterloo Water Department is not responsible for damage to the water meter or supply piping due to freeze so please take measures to protect your water system during winter months.  Frozen meter charges can be applied directly to a customer’s account with residential meters starting at $150. Please take precautions to avoid these issues.