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Update on Veterans Park and Trail Extension

Nov. 2019

Veterans Park

Last spring, the Waterloo Park Board raised funds for building a new Veterans Memorial Park. Because the goal was met by the May 1 deadline, the Waterloo Park Board received matching funds of $48,750 by using the CreatINg Places‘ program offered by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA).

The money raised has been used to activate a vacant lot by constructing the first phase of Waterloo’s Veterans Memorial Park. So far, a pond was created and stocked for fishing. The dirt was moved to make a small sledding hill and we are looking for more dirt to make it a little bigger. A fence has been installed for a dog play area.

In the next few weeks, the foundation for a walking trail will be added around the pond and hopefully we’ll get the fishing pier installed before winter.

Some of the work will be delayed until next spring due to weather challenges setting us back this fall. These include paving the walkway and installing more landscaping. We’ll be adding signage, a dog waste bag dispenser and drinking fountain for humans and dogs too.  Then the Park Board will begin plans for Phase 2, which will include a memorial, more walkways and possibly a splash pad.

Trail Extension

The Town of Waterloo received a grant from the Indiana DNR to extend the Auburn-Waterloo Trail from the south edge of Waterloo to the north along Wayne Street where it will connect with sidewalks at Walnut Street.  The mandatory environmental study was completed over the summer and was recently submitted for approval. We have been told this could take months so we don’t expect to begin construction until the spring of 2020.