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The Waterloo Pride award

All Waterloo properties are eligible for the award including owner-occupied or rented properties and those owned by corporations. The Waterloo Redevelopment Commission will prescreen the entries to ensure the accuracy of the nomination.

All Waterloo Pride Award winners are publicly recognized at a Town Council meeting, and an attractive sign is placed in their front yard for two to three weeks to let everyone know of their honor!

All nominators and nominees will be invited to a community celebration in the fall.

The program runs from the end of May to Halloween. Then get ready for the Light Up Waterloo holiday contest.

Waterloo Pride starts with you!

  • Look at your property objectively. Walk out to the curb and view your property as a neighbor or passerby would.
  • Check for peeling paint on home and garage areas and repair as needed.
  • Check gutters and downspouts for rust or sags.
  • Check fences and retaining walls for any needed repairs.
  • Check landscaping. Trim evergreens, shrubbery and trees. Plant flowers. Creative and well-maintained landscaping enhances any property.
  • Remove trash and objects you don’t use anymore.
  • Mow regularly.

Why neighborhood pride?

Waterloo is a nice place to live, and we encourage you to make it better! Attractive and healthy neighborhoods improve property values and build a stronger demand for housing.

A well-kept neighborhood says that residents take pride in their community. With pride comes value, beauty, and a great image for our town.

There are many things to be proud of in our Town — our citizens, our schools, our community spirit and of course our neighborhoods. By nominating someone for the Waterloo Pride Award, you encourage our residents to keep Waterloo the place where everyone wants to live.

The Waterloo Pride Award recognizes people who have made significant improvements to the appearance of their homes or who have maintained their home neatly year after year. Please nominate a Waterloo property that displays outstanding pride of ownership and/or attentive maintenance.

Nominate your neighbor, yourself, or any Waterloo property you think is deserving of the award.

To nominate, just fill out the form Waterloo Pride flyer

Or you can pick up a nomination form at the Waterloo Town Hall:

280 S. Wayne St.
Waterloo, IN 46793

(260) 837-7428